Dating from the years of European travel on his scholarship (1946-1949) there will very likely be work by Des in France Spain and Italy, however the whereabouts of these pieces is unknown. There are certainly works by Des in both New York and London.1

Apart from works all over Ireland there are also works in England, Trinidad and Canada. Unfortunately, no records were kept as to the eventual destinations of his works. Catalogues of known exhibitions in Ireland indicate that as few as five to six hundred works were sold in Ireland through exhibitions there. A great number of course would have been sold privately and many more sold via multi-artists exhibitions such as those held by the RHA and other Art Society events.

Irish Exhibitions

Grafton Gallery opened by Sean Keating:        October 2nd 1946
Brown Thomas’s Little Theatre opened by Mr P.J. Little (Chair of the Arts Council): June 21st 1955
Institute of Architects opened by Senator E. McGuire:   May 8th 1956
Imperial Hotel Cork opened by Professor Denis Gwynn:  June 13th 1956
Goodwin Gallery Limerick opened by Dom Winoc Mertens OSB: June 27th 1956

In 1962 Des knew he was terminally ill and he staged five exhibitions before he died:

Cork Art Gallery opened by Jenny Dowdall Lord Mayor: November 26th 1962
Imperial Hotel Cork opened by Goldberg:         June 18th 1962
Oireachtas Municipal Art Gallery Dublin:      September (date)1962
Talbot Hotel Wexford opened by Sir Alfred Beit:   October 22nd 1962
David Hendricks Gallery opened by C. O’ Daligh TD: December 14th 1962

A year after his death his brothers helped to stage a hugely successful exhibition of his work:

Brown Thomas‘s Little Theatre opened by Charles Haughey TD & Maurice MacGonigal:                        June 10th 1964